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Film Review – Public Enemies

The story revolves around a bank robber whose exploits dominated the press during the deperession era, and also what is sometimes referred to as the public enemy era, between 1931 and 1934. When the film main attraction is some fella called Johny Depp, expectation will automatically rise to another level. Come on, this is the man that made the pirates franchise astonishingly enjoyable, even though the movies themselves, especially the final one, was crap. Add Christian Bale (the Batman of course) into the equation, and you should have one heck of a movie. There are moments in the film that will make your eyes heavy but they were matched by some brilliant moments as well. This is where Depp really shines. His portrayal of a vicious criminal who struggles with love and finding his place in the world was top notch. You got to feel for Johny Delinger. As bad as he was, he was so charismatic, cool and always find a way to survive. Thumbs up for Depp for that. The storyline was decent, and I especially love the gun shooting scenes. The sound of guns blazing and blasting everything was great, it made me feel like I was in the 30’s. Also the cat and mouse game between the bank robbers and the police was good, although it would be better if they made the fight more even. Enuff with the chit chat, here are some hot points regarding the movie.

  1. Johny Depp was fucking brilliant. He made me rooted for the bad guys. Although I knew eventually Delinger will die at the end of the movie, Depp made me hoped that he didnt. His cold blooded but somehow innocent portrayal of a vicious gang leader was like never seen in any mafia themed movies before. Simply original.
  2. The meticulus detail of the cinematography. Damn it why cant Malaysian movies shot like this.
  3. The overall acting was great. This is real actors’ work. Take note Megan Fox.

Some not-so-hot marks

  1. I wonder why they didnt dig further into why Johny Delinger started to rob banks. Yeah we were told at the start of the movie that they were in the depression era, but any image of the economic misery that made Dillinger a criminal, and eventually a folk hero was missing.
  2. Marion Cotillard. Shes just not THAT hot. Nice acting though.
  3. Errr that is all.

All in all, this is a great, but not Godfather type of great, movie. Any mafie-themed loving audience would love this movie. So go ahead, spare your twenty bucks and relive the era when the tommy gun rules. You wont be dissapointed.

Rating : 7/10


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Film Review – Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen

First of all let me tell you, as a youngling I was a Transformers freak. Well back then every single person with a couple of balls hanging under their crotch must love Transformers. That was  the rule. If you dont know transformers, if you dont know who optimus prime is, take a knife cut out your dick and be a girl. Dont blame me for saying it. That was just how things go back then.

Any avid transformers fan must have anticipated the sequel of the brilliant-yet-quite-not-so-brilliant transformers movie. I was a little dissapointed with the first movie to be honest, as I think they can tweak some of the scenes a lil bit. First of all,how about making the fighting scene between Prime and Megatron a lil bit longer and brutal? If you watched the animated film, the first transformers animated movie, the battle between the two leaders was engaging, with both parties took hit after hit and some more hits. Body parts went flying, and fatalities beckon for each side. Compare the two battle scene and you would see what I meant. The cartoon would kick the real-life movie arse way up to the orbit.  The acting was also average, mostly due to the robotic Megan Fox. What would she do if she doesnt have the ‘package’ to show off? And please, the autobots never use the human artilary to help them defeat the decepticons. They just dont.

The large number of crowd gathering outside the cinema didnt dither my spirit even by a bit. I was determined to get my hands on the movie tickets no matter what it takes. As I stood patiently in the long, (I mean loooooooooong) line I couldnt even concentrate on my wife’s chattering as my mind was completely swayed by the prospect of spending the next few hours adoring the robots that I so fell in love with back a couple of decades ago. Dragging my wife’s hand. I walked hastily towards my seat. My heart was pumping heavily. I couldnt believe how excited I was. I was expecting a much improved sequel. They must have learned their mistakes of the first movie right? As I waited for the annoying cinema ads to end, the image of a young me clouded my mind. A boy was crying. He was begging and screaming. As he was pulled away by his ignoring father, he glanced his sad teary eyes for one last look at it. Oh Optimus Prime Action Figure, how the world would been different if I can hold you in my arms…

Two and half hours later, it was all over. I was distraught. Personally that was one of the worst money I have ever spent on movie tickets. The storyline was embarassing. Too many loopholes. Too many lame and inappropriate scenes. The movie brought shame to the Transformers franchise. First of all, since when did Optimus Prime became so heavenly strong and powerful? Did he go for some kind of SEAL training with the U.S navy? How come he be three time stronger than Megatron? For as long as I know, those two always fight equally. Megatron never need anyone to help him fighting optimus. That brings me to another issue. Megatron listen only to him and himself only. He never obey anyone. He even despised Unikorn and betrayed him. To see him kneeling to the fallen (who looked like and old witch) is hurting me. Here he is, one of the most iconic villains totally ripped off of its originality. You dont do that to Megatron. The fans expect Megatron to be as evil as he always be. Hes a no nonsense ‘I’ll kill anyone who try to oppose me’ type of character. Now hes become a pussy. Dammit, heres the list of the humiliating facts of the movie..

  1. As I said above, the sudden increase of power by optimus prime. In the first movie, he struggled to match Megatron. In this movie, Megatron need two accomplices just to help him touch optimus.
  2. Again, how the destroyed Megatron’s character. I missed the old gun slinging ‘Tron.
  3. The acting. Sorry Megan, you are not an actress. You are a porn star trapped in a PG13 movie.
  4. The story line was as engaging as a Razak Mohideen movie. Pointless and lacking depth. How to turn a bag of dust into solid? Easy. Let a bunch of primes come to your dreams and the dust will magically turn into a solid steel material. How to find a long lost tomb? No archeologist needed. Have a couple of annoying robots fighting about nothing and suddenly they will crack open the path for you.
  5. Lots of delible scenes. We dont want to see a drunk Mrs Witwicky please.
  6. How dependant the autobots are on the U.S army. It was like they cant win without their help. And check out the strength of the U.S army. They can kill a big fat ass decepticon with one shot. Wow. Even optimus will struggle to match that.
  7. Just like optimus, bumblebee strength has grown rapidly. Maybe if they show a scene showing both of them training with Jet Lee, that will satisfy the audience better.

As a conclusion, I strongly recommend any movie goers to give this one a skip. Wait for the pirated DVD to come out. I waited in a the longest of lines to get my hand on the tickets and in the end that was the worst time wasting I have ever done. Ill review some other movies later. Till then ciao.

Rating : 1/10

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